Special present campaign at “Hospitality gift for Business” on twitter


We already announced that dd-coffee was on sale at “Hospitality gift for Business” run by Grunavi Inc. There was “Free Gift Campaign” during last week at twitter; dd-coffee was selected to be one of the presents.
Amazingly, 2137 viewers re-tweeted to participate in this campaign. Moreover, we got 245 “Like” and 59 precious comments from 2137 participants…we really appreciate many twitter users participated actively in this campaign and their useful opinions which can propel product improvements.

We read through 59 comments one by one and knew that dd-coffee receives high evaluation since it has sweet taste without using white sugars. Many people concern about limitation of glucose when having food, so expects food to be sweet with natural sweeteners.

Hope many will try our dd-coffee to know real mellow sweetness by coconut milk and herbs!!