Accelerate your metabolism by ketone body!


“Ketone body” is getting itself noticed as second energy source next to glucose. Human being usually convert carbohydrate into glucose and use it as energy but start using ketone body when glucose is used up.

Ketone body is made from breakdown of fat; if you can utilize ketone body as your energy, can reduce your fat effectively. This is what is called “ketonic metabolism” and attracts attentions currently. It is life-sustaining function for human being to survive starvation state.

For ketonic metabolism, you have to reduce intake of glucose but increase intake of food containing good quality of fatty acid. Ketone body is produced from medium chain fatty acid (MCFA) which is contained in coconut milk, palm oil, milk and so on.

Main ingredient of “dd-coffee” is coconut milk which is MCFA-rich, so please try it for your health-promoting. (


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