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Born in “Land of Smiles”

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New type of “delicious & flavor taste”

“dd-coffee” just arrived Japan in 2017 from Thailand where is “the land of smile” to introduce new type of instant coffee for health-conscious people.
The origin of “dd-coffee” dates from almost more than 10-year ago; a doctor specializing medical herbs made “health-conscious coffee with sweet taste” without white sugar to serve not only for diabetic patients but also for people concerning weight management. In order to meet quality demand, a doctor made tremendous amount of efforts and created best recipe for coffee/coconut milk/herbs after many of trial-and-error.

“Premium Quality” coffee beans from Chiang Rai

Coffee beans determining quality of coffee beverage come from Chiang Rai which is located in northern part of Thailand. This area is called “Golden triangle” and was famous for narcotics manufacturing for long time; His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej played a leading role to change drug business to coffee cultivation yielding high quality arabica coffee beans years ago. The difference in temperature at high elevation can accelerate good production of coffee beans providing excellent sweetness and acidic flavor. We strictly use these superfine coffee beans only for our “dd-coffee”.

100% of plant based ingredients only

Coconut milk, which is other critical ingredients, is well known for its positive impacts on human’s health by disseminated by the media. Moreover, 5-different kinds of herbs are contained to hope for potential effects rather than adding sweetener.
We confidently introduce “dd-coffee” made only from plant based ingredients with sweet taste to the Japanese market. Please enjoy drinking our “dd-coffee” for your healthy life.