SHIMIZU PRINTING–Privacy policy for prersonal information

Date of enactment: 15/01/2015
Date of modification: 01/05/2017

We utilize important informational assets to contribute to the society by running business of printing/packaging/assembling/cosmetic/food properly. In order to comply with legal restraints regarding personal information/individual agreement/other requirements, we acknowledge significance of information security issues relating to our business. We declare that we will work hard to live up to trust of customers continuously by establishing robust information management system internally while renewing sense of the importance of trend in science and technology relating to information security.

1.Scope of personal information

We maintain rigid control over private information (name/address/telephone number/email address/birthday/payment information, etc.) from customers.

2. Acquirement of personal information

We obtain personal information by appropriate method and place strict control on those.

3. Utilization purpose of personal information

We utilize personal information for;
a. payment by customers
b. delivering products to customers
c. improve products for better quality by analyzing customers’ questionnaires
d. give a reaction to customers

4. Holdout of personal information to the third party

We do not provide private information to the third party except for;
a. regulatory requirements
b. approval from customers
c. possibility of harming life and assets of customers and third party
delivering products by our subcontractors who sign confidential agreements with us

5. Leakage of personal information

We continuously improve our information security system to protect from information security risks that are leakage/loss/damage of personal information. We take corrective steps if the worst-case scenario occurs.

6. Disclosure/correction/elimination of personal information

We promptly disclose/correct/eliminate personal information when customers request after confirming the requests coming from customers doubtlessly.

7. Contact information for personal information

We accept inquiries regarding personal information.
Customer Support Center
Business hours: 09:00-17:00 (only in the week)

8. Continuous improvement

We recognize uncertain surrounding and make correction on privacy policy when necessary for continuous improvement.

This privacy policy is to raise awareness and alertness of those for our employees and publicize on our corporate web and catalog for those who would like to understand it.

Dr. Hirokazu Shimizu